1 player controls

  • Press up arrow to jump
  • Press left arrow to kick

2 player controls

  • To jump, press W or up arrow
  • To kick, press D or left arrow

Soccer physics is a very challenging game for soccer recreation. Here you need to click on the button to control the athletes to compete. The operation is convenient and straightforward, with multiple modes. It can challenge itself or compete in pairs. If you like this kind of football game, don’t miss it.

Game operation of sociophysics

In Soccer physics, you can choose the number of players in the game. If you want the single-player mode, then you will fight alone. Jump by pressing the key and kick the ball with the left key. If you are going to play games with your friend, he will jump through the letter w and kick the ball through the letter d.

Game features of sociophysics

There are two modes of Soccer physics, but no matter which model, you need to try your best to overcome the physical problems during the kick so that you can kick the soccer into the opponent’s goal. The second point is that you can buy models of new balls here to exercise, to improve your skills continuously and further compete for the championship. When you play the single-player mode game, you will fight with the system robot side by side against the two opposing players.

Soccer physics is an online football game, with real simulated scenes that make you feel as if you were there.  What you have to do is to protect the ball and kick it to the given position to win.  However, if your opponent snatches your shot, you will pay more attention to the competition.  Princess maker, on the other hand, is an online design and match game that allows you to design different styles of characters and make them the best.

If you want some challenging games, you can choose to earn to die 2; as your first choice.  What you need to do here is to drive your car forward, get rid of the zombies chasing behind, and try to escape from the desert.  And run 3(run 3) is ultimately a run game, you will need to carefully observe the platform in front of you to prevent the game challenge from failing due to carelessness and falling into the abyss.  It is also good to choose to crush the castle. You only need to use your precise aiming power to knock down the opponent’s castle and even the base to win the game.